Ignition Interlock

Ignition interlock devices are not a novel idea and have been widely used across the United States for a number of years as a condition of license restrictions, licence reinstatement and court probation. However, ignition interlock is being increasingly used by license bureaus and courts, particularly for Kansas DUI and Missouri DWI as well as Kansas driver's license suspension and Missouri driver's license suspension. In Kansas, some courts are requiring ignition interlock as a bond condition even before a person goes to trial or pleads guilty, as a way to ensure public safety. In Missouri, courts are frequently ordering up to two years of ignition interlock as a condition of probation. In Kansas, the driver's license department is requiring ignition interlock for one to ten years depending on the number of prior occurances. Missouri requires ignition interlock for 6 months for repeat offenders. Call me for a free consultation concerning your Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI. 816-726-7887.