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Field Sobriety Tests: Divided Attention

Challenging a Field Sobriety Test in Kansas City

There are three standardized field sobriety tests in Kansas City, two of which are divided attention tests. If you or a loved one were accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, the bulk of the evidence against you could be the results of your field sobriety test. What many people do not realize is that these tests are not 100% accurate. Not only that, but many cases are dropped because this evidence is successfully challenged.

The first type of divided attention test is the walk and turn. This test is easily accomplished by those who are sober, but there are other reasons besides alcohol impairment which may cause a person to fail this test. The law enforcement officer who pulled you over will ask the drier to walk along an imaginary line, heel-to-toe. What constitutes this being a divided attention test is the fact that they also must count out loud at the same time. If they cannot keep their balance or lose count, the officer may choose to arrest them for drunk driving. The send divided attention test is the one-leg stand. The driver suspected of DUI is asked to stand with one foot raised approximately six inches from the ground. If they cannot count and stay balanced for 30 seconds, they may be arrested.

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If you need assistance in challenging a field sobriety test, please talk to a Kansas City DUI lawyer from the firm as soon as possible. Steve Schanker could examine every aspect of the traffic stop, testing, and arrest. If the law enforcement officer did not give you the directions clearly or illegally pulled you over, all evidence against you could be dismissed from court.

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