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Having your license suspended for any length of time is more than a slight inconvenience or nuisance. When your license is suspended, you are prevented from taking reliable, cost-effective transportation to your work, home, or even the supermarket. If you should even take a short drive during your suspension, this could result in devastating consequences that deprive you of your rights even further. However, because suspensions can be allocated for even completely non-driving related offenses, such as forgetting to pay your taxes, many unfortunate individuals are unaware they even had a suspension in the first place.

To maneuver throughout these complex situations, get in touch with Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law, so that you can have a powerful driving while suspended lawyer in Kansas City.

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The Importance of Having a Skilled Attorney to Fight for Your Driving Privileges

People often assume that driving suspensions are given out for singular, extreme incidents such as driving under the influence or racing recklessly in a manner that causes a terrible accident. However, many drivers in Missouri do not know that simply having too many traffic tickets or an accumulation of points on their license, whether from parking ticket charges or other minor offenses, can also lead to a suspension. This is especially unfortunate because some drivers may not even be aware that their license has apparently been suspended because they didn’t know about the points accruing on their license. Even certain matters unrelated to traffic, like forgetting to pay for child support on time, can result in your license being suspended.

In these complicated issues, it is critical to have an attorney who can thoroughly investigate the contexts and circumstances, demonstrating the true situation to the court. It is even possible to obtain a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) when law enforcement has attached too many points to your record.

How a Driving While Suspended Charge Can Affect You

The penalties for this kind of charge are unexpectedly strict to many Missouri drivers, who are shocked to discover that even driving a short distance to the store a few blocks away can still incur extreme punishment.

Some of the serious consequences include:

  • An additional year of suspension.
  • Possible jail time for additional driving suspensions.
  • Fees ranging from $500 to $2000.
  • Paying for additional driving courses.
  • Having an ignition interlock device placed in your car.

Dedicated Legal Advocacy in Complex Situations

If you happen to have already had a suspension on your driving record and are dutifully following the guidelines, it is important that you should seek legal counsel if you ever want to have your driving privileges restored. Many drivers assume that once they have served the extension of their time, their license will be automatically reinstated, but the Department of Revenue does not automatically do this. Thus, you might be driving around thinking that you have fulfilled all the legal requirements, only to be accused of driving on your still-suspended license. For dedicated attention in these difficult situations, reach out to our criminal defense attorney Steve Schanker.

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