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If you have ever been involved in a car accident before, you know how traumatic such an experience truly is. In addition to the sheer physical impact, your mind and emotions will be reeling from having survived such an event that could have killed or seriously injured you in an instant.

Typically, when an automobile crash occurs, the drivers involved will pull over to the side of the road and exchange insurance information. However, there may be circumstances where individuals are in such a state of shock, panic, or even physical pain that they drive off without stopping. Even if they later contact the police or return to the accident site after securing medical attention, these people who were also victims of the incident will be accused of committing a hit-and-run crime. To defend yourself against the severe penalties that follow, reach out to a skilled leaving the scene of an accident attorney in Kansas City immediately.

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Legal Requirements Following an Automobile Accident in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, every driver who has been involved in a car crash, even if it is extremely minor or there are several drivers involved, are required to stop driving and exchange critical information.

According to Missouri Revised Statute 577.060, each party is mandated to offer, both to each other and to the police, information that includes:

  • The name of each driver.
  • The home address of each driver.
  • Each party’s contact information.
  • The license number of each driver.
  • All registration details of each automobile involved in the incident.

Consequences Resulting from a Hit-and-Run Conviction

If you have failed to provide any of these requirements, you can receive a citation for illegally leaving the scene of the accident. If the damage to the car was very minor, you can still serve up to a full year in jail and be forced to pay $2,000, along with having a class A misdemeanor lodged to your record. However, if the damage was more extensive or if the person involved was even slightly injured, you can be convicted of committing a class E felony, which results in much higher fines and significant time spent in prison.

Your car insurance will also skyrocket, of course, meaning that you will need to pay even higher fees to the ones you are already paying to the court, but despite renumerating these expensive costs, you may not even be allowed to drive your car. Everyone who leaves an accident receives at least 6 points on their license but depending on who was involved and where your case was tried, you can receive more than 12 points. Those individuals with 12 points automatically have their license revoked for a full year.

Seek Legal Representation for Your Case Today

The consequences for this type of conviction are so stringent on your freedom and rights that it will be very difficult to move forward without devoted legal advocacy from a knowledgeable leaving the scene of an accident lawyer in Kansas City. You will need sound representation that you can trust amidst unfair accusations.

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