Kansas Receives Highest Rating For Fighting DUI

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has rated the entire nation on their DUI countermeasures. On average, the states received three stars out of five. Kansas, however, received the highest rating of five stars. There were several reasons given as to why Kansas was so successful. The state now requires an ignition interlock device to be placed in the vehicles of all convicted offenders. They also conduct sobriety checkpoints and have increased the penalties for those driving with children in the car. ALR (Administrative License Revocation) is also required for all offenders. MADD has called on other states to follow the example of Kansas in their tough stances on drunk driving.

Although these measures have helped protect people on Kansas roads, it also could increase the likelihood that people are treated too harshly by the justice system. As field sobriety tests and breath tests are not always accurate, it is important that a Kansas City DUI attorney examine your case in order to see if your case could be dropped. Looking for a DWI lawyer in Kansas City? To learn more, contact a Kansas City DUI lawyer as soon as possible.