126 Arrested For DWI Over Thanksgiving Weekend

On Missouri roads, there were 368 traffic accidents this past Thanksgiving weekend. These accidents led to 125 injuries and 3 deaths. Troopers also arrested 126 individuals for driving while intoxicated. This number is down from last year when 144 people were arrested. It has not been reported if any of these crashes were a result of drunk driving. As bad weather approaches, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is warning people to use a seatbelt as well as drive at a speed that suits the weather conditions.

Driving while intoxicated that results in injury or death will lead to much more serious consequences. It is usually charged as a felony and results in prison, fines, and a suspended license. You may also have an ignition interlock device placed on your car. A Kansas City DUI lawyer has the skill and experience necessary to defend these types of cases.Need a lawyer for a DWI case in Kansas City? Contact a Kansas City DUI defense attorney for a free case evaluation regarding your situation.