Warrantless Blood Draws in Missouri

The Missouri Supreme court overruled recent dui case precendent that had allowed police officers in Missouri to compel suspected drunk drivers to submit to warrantless blood tests to determine their blood alcohol concentration. The previous law allowed a police officer to request a breath, blood or urine test from a suspented drunk driver, but if the driver refused a test, the officer could force a blood draw by a licensed medical professional which could then be used in either or both a drivers license hearing or in court. In some cases, a driver could have his or her drivers license revoked for having refused a blood test, and also receive a separate drivers license suspension for having a b.a.c. over the legal limit as a result of the compelled, warrantless blood test. While the law in the area of dui and dwi is constantly changing, as for now, if an alleged drunk driver refuses to submit to testing, the officer cannot compel the same, but is required to issue a notice of revocation of driving privileges for one year which can challenged in court. Searching for a DWI attorney in Kansas City? For an immediate consultation with an experienced DUI Lawyer, call Steve Schanker now at 816-726-7887.