Fighting Against Breath & Blood Tests in Your DWI case

The state of Missouri has an implied consent law that requires drivers to perform at least one chemical test when arrested for a DUI. In order to test your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) these tests are necessary. If you have taken a breath or blood test and your BAC level was above the legal limit, you may be charged with a DWI. Team up with an aggressive Kansas City DWI lawyer from Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law for help in your case. Our firm is familiar with the process of fighting against these types of chemical tests. Some of the defenses we are prepared to make on your behalf include:

  • Breath testing is susceptible to many errors
  • Malfunction of the Breathalyzer
  • Improper performance by arresting officer
  • Outside physiological conditions such as GERD or acid reflux, which can contaminate the results of your test
  • Other environmental factors such as Radio Frequency Interference
  • Mouth alcohol can alter accuracy
  • "Rising Blood Alcohol" which means your BAC was higher when they took the test than when you were driving
  • Blood Testing is not always accurate
  • Blood fermentation could taint results
  • Improper storage of your sample
  • Blood contamination
  • There may have been an error when collecting, storing or analyzing the test

Law enforcement has strict procedures to follow when conducting these tests and oftentimes, they make mistakes. Let a skilled DWI lawyer from our firm help investigate your case and determine the best ways to fight the results of your chemical test. We may even be able to fight against other aspects in your case including: if the officer had probable cause to pull you over or arrest you, if there are other explanations for your appearance or behavior and any other defenses that can help your case. Contact Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law to have an experienced and qualified Kansas City DWI attorney by your side.