What Are the Penalties for a First-Time DUI Conviction

Were you arrested for DUI?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious matter in both Missouri and Kansas. Even for first-time offenders, individuals convicted of DUI face incredibly harsh penalties. When you are pulled over for DUI, you may be asked to comply with a field sobriety test. A field sobriety test can include walking in a straight line, standing on one foot, or following a light with your eyes while keeping your face and neck still. If you fail any of these sobriety tests, the officer who pulled you over may place you under arrest. You will then be asked to take a BAC test and if you refuse to take a test, your license can be automatically suspended. A BAC can come in the form of a blood test, chemical test, breath test, or urine test.

When the police determine if you were driving with a BAC level of .08% or higher, you may be charged with DUI. Once you are facing charges, you must attend an arraignment. This is when your DUI charges are read aloud in court and you must plead guilty or not guilty to the charges. If you choose to hire an attorney, he can help you understand the potential consequences of your plea. It is imperative you do not plead guilty and speak with an experienced DUI attorney to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Consequences of Pleading Guilty to DUI

If you plead guilty to DUI, you will be facing harsh legal penalties—even if it is your first DUI.

Said consequences can include the following:

  • Jail time
  • Court costs and probation fees
  • License suspension
  • Court Ordered Alcohol Treatment

Depending on your case, an Ignition Interlock Device, or IID, may be required. An IID prevents your car from starting unless your BAC is below a specific limit.

Pleading guilty or receiving a guilty verdict for DUI can negatively impact your future. By law, you have to report your conviction to any future employers or financial institutions from which you wish to obtain vehicle or home loans.

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