How Does a DUI Conviction Affect One's Life?

To say that a DUI conviction could negatively affect your life is a bit of an understatement. Some of the punishments might be obvious but others might not hurt you until years later. And anytime you are filling out an application – whether it is for a job, a loan, or the like – organizations have a right to see your criminal record.

If you are facing a criminal DUI conviction, you need to be aware of some of the most common and damaging consequences you could be saddled with:

  • Insurance rate increases: As being arrested for a DUI is a traffic violation, it will increase the monthly premium you are paying for your car insurance.
  • High fines: At best, you will be paying around $750 out of pocket. For repeat offenses, you might be standing to lose $2500.
  • Prison sentences: For the first violation, you can be locked up for 6 months. Recurrent offenses could put you behind bars for up to 4 years, even if no one was hurt by your actions.
  • Lack of opportunities: Employers and educational institutions are notorious for turning down applicants who have just a single DUI conviction on their record.
  • Child custody loss: If you are the primary caretaker of a child after a divorce, it is likely that a DUI conviction could change all of that.
  • Mandatory rehabilitation: In some situations, you will have to pay for rehab and detox programs after receiving a DUI conviction. There is no guarantee that your insurance or the state will cover the related expenses.

Who can help me if I have been arrested for a DUI or DWI in Missouri or Kansas?

If you are facing a DWI conviction, you can take legal recourse to defend your rights and secure a brighter future for yourself. With the help of Kansas City DUI Attorney Steve Schanker, you may be able to have your penalties lessened or case dropped altogether. Take action today by requesting a free case evaluation from his firm. Your future well-being and freedom may depend on it.