Drunk Driver Accused of Causing Three Accidents in Kansas City

On Tuesday May 22nd, a Kansas City man attempted to stop a drunk driver who rear-ended and side-swiped three cars during a drunken rampage. As the man slowed down to make a turn, the driver behind him collided into the back of the car. Instead of pulling over, he instead attempted to flee the scene, side-swiping two other vehicles as he attempted to get away. The first driver followed him and tried to convince him to pull over, but he ignored him and kept going.

After calling the police, the driver followed the drunk driver until he crashed into a home. They got into an argument that ended with the other driver pulling out a gun and shooting out the suspect's tires so that he could not get away. However, none of the shots actually hit the vehicle, but struck a home in the vicinity.

Eventually, police arrested the 49-year-old suspect and stated that he was highly intoxicated. They also arrested the female passenger in his car as she was found to have 27 grams of marijuana in her purse. According to Statute 8-1567, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the suspect in this case could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges and time behind bars.