Missouri Unaffected by State Trooper Drops in Other States

According to The Kansas City Star, states like Kansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are struggling to employ a sufficient number of state troopers as the years go by. State troopers in Kansas dropped by 16 percent in just six years. A mere 409 officers are now responsible for over 10,000 miles of Kansas highways, which naturally leads to fewer tickets and drunk driving arrests.

One statistic showed that DUI arrests in Kansas dropped by 53 percent from 2008 to 2014. This is creating a serious safety crisis for other drivers on the road and needs to be addressed. The only thing standing in the way? Low pay and budget problems.

The state trooper recruitment slump has been directly linked to undesirable incomes, erratic hours, and morale problems within the department. While officials are trying to address these issues, Kansas's state budget isn't making it any easier.

Applicants have dropped from the thousands down to the hundreds. To compound the problem, those applying aren't graduating as steadily as officers might hope. A mere 6 out of 267 applicants graduated from the patrol's training academy in December 2014. If there is no one to fill the open spots, it is difficult to do anything about this very real problem.

Missouri Remains Unchanged by State Trooper Epidemic

Despite the dismal reports coming from numerous other states, Missouri is reportedly unaffected by state trooper problems. The Kansas City Star even reported that numbers are up – state troopers in Missouri have risen by nearly 18 percent since 2008.

For Missouri residents, this can be both cause for reassurance and apprehension. Because the number of state troopers is constantly on the rise, arrests will continue to be made, as well. Officers are intent on combatting drunk driving and will do whatever it takes to get offenders off the streets. It is important to stay on your guard and be aware of the plethora of state troopers in Missouri.

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