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Kansas City Driver's License Hearings

Hardship License in Missouri

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Having an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney represent you at the hearing allows your rights to be properly defended and increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Your attorney can examine the circumstances under which you were stopped for suspicion of DWI and review whether or not the police officer did, in fact, have due cause for his or her actions.

When my license is taken, what is the amount of time given to request a hearing?

When you blow over the legal limit or you refuse to blow, the police officer takes your driver's license and issues you a 14-day permit in Kansas or a 15-day permit in Missouri with instructions on how to apply for a hearing. You must request a hearing within the 14 or 15-day period or your license will automatically be suspended. A timely request for a hearing will automatically extend your permit until the case is over.

If your license is in danger of being suspended, contact a Kansas City DUI lawyer to help you fight for justice at your hearing.

Will I get my license back after my hearing?

The issues at the hearing include whether the police had reasonable grounds to arrest you for DUI and whether you either tested above the legal limit or refused the test. If you win, you get your license back. If you lose, your license will be suspended.

Suspension periods for breath test failures range from 30 days to one year, while suspensions for breath test refusals are for one year. Both suspensions may be followed by a period of ignition interlock lasting from months to years.

How to Get a Hardship License in Missouri

You may be eligible to receive a hardship license, also referred to as "limited driving privileges," after a brief period of time to drive to work, school and alcohol classes, and possibly with the requirement of ignition interlock.

Hardship License Eligibility in MO

You may be ineligible for an LDP (limited driving privilege) due to some of the following reasons:

  • MO driving privilege is eligible to be reinstated, but not all requirements have been met
  • In the last 5 years, you have faced a felony conviction involving a vehicle
  • Your commercial vehicle driving privileges have been revoked
  • You have a suspension due to failure to pay a ticket
  • You have a license suspension due to DUI conviction
  • You are not a Missouri resident and do not attend school in MO

How can a DUI Attorney help my hearing?

Our Kansas City DUI Attorneys can analyze all aspects of your breath and blood tests and any field sobriety tests to determine if they were correctly administered and interpreted. These factors can all be addressed in the hearing in fighting for your right to retain your driving privileges.

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