Top Mistakes DUI Defendants Make

Although driving under the influence (DUI) violations are some of the most common criminal acts in the country, navigating the criminal justice system after an arrest never gets any easier. For many people, the situation is incredibly stressful from the moment they are pulled over to their day in court. Without a clear mindset and confidence, mistakes are frequently made that actively damage their case and chances of securing a beneficial resolution, such as avoiding a conviction.

Consider the following top 5 mistakes DUI defendants make in case you are ever in a similar situation:

  1. Guilty conscience: Do not accept the penalties outright and assume you are guilty. Let the court decide that after you have represented your case with a professional DUI attorney.
  2. Saying too much: The Miranda warning – “You have the right to remain silent […]” – is told to anyone being placed under arrest for a reason. The more that is said to an officer at the time of your arrest and afterwards, the more likely they are going to be able to use your words to their benefit. Stay respectfully quiet and wait for your attorney before allowing interrogation.
  3. Procrastination: In virtually all DUI arrests, the defendant will only have 14-15 days to react and protect their license from immediate administrative suspension. While this should not stop you from challenging the criminal charges, missing this short window of opportunity can be a major issue. A sense of urgency and initiative is important.
  4. Illegal driving: If you do lose your driving privileges to an administrative suspension before your criminal DUI case is finalized, you must adhere to the legal limitations enacted. Many believe they can still make short, routine, or necessary driving trips despite not having an active, legal license anymore. Being pulled over in such a situation will make matters worse and hurt your chances of appearing responsible.
  5. Lack of preparation: Do not make the common mistake of believing a DUI arrest is nothing to worry about, or that it is so common it is unavoidable. You must prepare your case as best you can if you want to avoid fines, jail time, probation, mandatory interlock ignition device (IID) installation, and much more.

Kansas City DUI Attorney Steve Schanker can come to your defense after you have been arrested for a DUI. With the help of his law firm that serves clients in both Kansas and Missouri, you can fight for your rights and driving privileges with confidence. If you believe you have made any of the aforementioned mistakes, let him know as soon as you can during a free case evaluation. You can also call 816.607.8860 for more information about his DUI law firm.