Kansas Court Says Operating a Vehicle Synonymous with "Driving"

In February of 2013, in the State of Kansas v Sanchez, the court maintained that operating a vehicle (the term used in the Kansas DUI statute) is synonymous with "driving." The court elaborated by stating that driving means exerting "actual physical control" which further means being "authoritative or dominating." For a driver to be operating a motor vehicle for the purposes of DUI, a driver must 1) take action, and 2) alter the vehicle's movement. However, for those drivers who are found to be merely sitting behind the wheel it does not necessarily rise to the level of operation to support a DUI charge.

The Kansas DUI statute does include "attempt;" therefore, a prosecutor could still try to prove with circumstantial evidence that the defendant was attempting to move the vehicle, but that would be more difficult for the prosecutor to prove.

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