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Blood Tests in Kansas City

Blood Test Evidence in DUI Cases

Missouri and Kansas both have an "implied consent law". It means that you automatically consent to a blood test just by using the road. There are even circumstances where a police officer can forcibly take a blood sample. A police officer may request a blood test when an accident has occurred, or when the driver has a mouth injury, or when breath testing equipment is unavailable, or when the driver is unable to submit to other tests.

Blood tests, while more accurate, require special procedures and can only be performed by qualified medical personnel. Therefore, blood tests can often be successfully challenged and excluded from evidence. A skilled attorney experienced in DUI defense can identify issues with your blood test and file a motion to exclude the results at trial. It is important that you contact Kansas City DUI attorney Steve Schanker to discuss the circumstances of your DUI arrest and the matter of blood testing evidence.

Defending DUI Charges Based on Blood Test Evidence

When a blood test is taken in a DUI case, there are a variety of errors that could have taken place, both in taking blood and in lab procedures. Some of the issues that could increase the BAC in a blood test include the technician swabbing the arm with alcohol prior to testing, or the lab testing only the plasma instead of the entire blood sample. There can also be potential issues regarding the chain of custody of the sample, or a history of lab errors. Every DUI charge has the potential for a successful defense. The attorney is committed to reviewing every detail and finding any flaw, error or failure to follow proper procedure, either by law enforcement or any technician or lab. If you are hoping to avoid a conviction, you are advised to contact the firm as early as possible after your arrest so that your case can be evaluated and a strategy for your defense worked out.

Looking for an attorney for a DUI case in Kansas City? Contact a Kansas City DUI lawyer if you have been arrested and charged with DUI based on blood test evidence.

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