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Kansas City Laws on Blood Alcohol Content

Blood Alcohol Content & Your DUI Case

Many DUI charges are based on your blood alcohol content (BAC) as measured by breath and blood tests. If your BAC is measured at .08% or more (.04% for commercial drivers or .02% for minors), you can face criminal charges as well as action against your license by the Department of Revenue. If your BAC goes above .15%, the potential penalties will automatically increase. A charge of DUI can be brought against you, however, even without a measurement of your blood alcohol content. The police officer involved may determine that you are driving while intoxicated based on poor driving, your appearance, or field sobriety tests. If you refused to submit to chemical testing, this is also grounds for DWI charges. A DUI case can be initiated whether you are alleged to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

A Kansas City DUI lawyer can help you fight against conviction or harsh sentencing no matter the circumstances of your case. If chemical testing was not used, whether or not the officer had due cause to stop you, as well as the validity of your field sobriety tests, can all be scrutinized and may lend strength to your defense. Even if breath, blood, or urine tests were used, their results are not necessarily conclusive. Your attorney can review many aspects of how these tests were administered and processed that may uncover facts that lead to the results being inadmissible as evidence.

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With 25+ Years of experience representing clients charged with DUI, Attorney Steve Schanker is in a very solid position from which to fight your charges. His understanding of the technical and administrative factors involved in your case allows him to effectively prepare a compelling defense and he is dedicated to fighting for your rights. For help building your defense against your DUI charges, contact a Kansas City DUI attorney.

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